Understand the Considerations of Blockchain

This one-day course provides a general overview of Blockchain concepts, technologies, and terminology to include all of the business, technical, and regulatory / compliance considerations necessary to establish a best-of-class solution.  This is not a course on cryptocurrency.  The material is presented in a manner that is perfect for technical and non-technical people.  While some subject matter will be technical in nature the intent of the course is to understand their reasons and considerations.

For individuals, this is an ideal opportunity to learn enough basics to apply for a blockchain position.  For organizations, this is a great opportunity to start developing a common language and shared knowledge to start development for a Blockchain solution.

Beyond theory, we will provide real-world opinions based on years of observations developing large complex systems.  We will even provide knowledge of how to apply Agile and Lean to every facet of your discovery, development, release, and monitoring requirements for consideration into planning.

The Importance of Blockchain Certifications

Certifications are important as they are a measure of skills and knowledge on a particular subject.  Having certifications make you more attractive to potential employers and on average can lead to a 25% earnings increase compared to those without certifications.  Maintaining certifications demonstrates to employers that your skills and knowledge are current and that professional growth is important.

Blockchain Certifications are extremely vital for individuals that truly want to stand out from their peers.  Our certifications are the perfect way demonstrate business and technical knowledge for any Blockchain solution.

Who Will Benefit

This course is beneficial to organizations wish to do more with less. This offering is ideally suited for those in roles like:

  • C-Level, Executives, VPs, and Directors
  • Portfolio / Project / Product Managers
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Technologists (Software, Database, DevOps, etc.)
  • Agilest (Agile / Scrum / LeSS, SAFe, etc.)
  • Business / Systems Analysts

Learning Objectives

We have a three-part Agenda; Set the Stage, Considerations, and Getting Started.  Below are the Learning Objectives for your Introduction to Blockchain course within each part.

Set the Stage

  • Know the history of Blockchain and its intent
  • Understand the intent and concepts of blockchain solutions
  • Recognize the opportunity to disrupt markets at the risk of losing it all
  • Know the Importance of Hype, Failures, and Trust
  • Understand the core concepts of blockchain processes


  • Understand the business considerations to remain relevant
  • Understand government considerations for affect and effect
  • Understand compliance / regulatory considerations to remain relevant
  • Understand technical considerations to develop and maintain solution(s)

Getting Started

  • Recognize the people, processes, and tools needed for success
  • Understand how to evaluate vendors / suppliers
  • Understand the value of enabling plans (coaching, training, etc.)
  • Learn how to identify and plan for value and risk mitigation
  • Recognize how you can exploit the latest in Blockchain Agility (xTreme Blockchain)

Training Topics

Below are the primary topics presented during this course.

Set the Stage

  • The History
  • Blockchain Basics
  • Blockchain “Standards”
  • Developing a Common Language
  • Be Wary of the Hype
  • Risk vs Reward
  • Key Concepts


  • Business
  • External
  • Technical
  • Delivery

Getting Started

  • People, Processes, and Tools
  • Cultural Enablement
  • Identifying Value and Risks
  • Planning and Roadmapping
  • eXtreme Blockchain

What You Get

  • A workbook of the entire presentation
  • Preparation to start exploring Blockchain opportunities
  • Practical knowledge about what you must know to be successful with Blockchain
  • Practical knowledge of how to use Agile and Lean while developing Blockchain solutions
  • 8 Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Discounts on future training
  • Eligibility to attain free training
  • Knowledge from an actual Agile / Lean practitioner experienced in deliver large complex systems

Government and Non-Profit Organizations

To inquire about government or non-profit discounts and courses please contact us.  We will discuss your needs and tailor a class that best suits your budget and desired outcome.

Want To Host?

We can accommodate organizations that wish to host the training events.  Generally, we require at least twenty (20) students for organization hosted courses but if you are close to the Washington D.C. area we are flexible.