About Us

Your Blockchain Sherpas are a group of engineers and methodologist from disruptiveOps. As experts in all things Agile, DevSecOps, and Lean, we are committed to providing services and solutions to reduce time-to-market while also reducing your costs, wastes, and risks.

What also makes disruptiveOps unique is our deep understanding of compliance, peculiarities, and cultures because of our work with governments and heavily regulated organizations.

Our Shared Values

Our Commercial Customers


Our cultural tenets of respecting individuals, leading by example, and our commitment to teamwork gives the opportunity for employees and contractors to work when and where they want.

Hiring based on attitude, intelligence, and energy versus skill set provides a continual learning experience for our customers as well as for our company. 


Environmentally, we champion zero-infrastructure solutions.  It’s simply the right way to do business. Internally, we not only champion zero-infrastructure solutions, we live it.

Other than our mobile devices and desktops, we fully utilize the cloud–form productivity software like Microsoft Office 365, to development, as we fully employ DevSecOps in Microsoft Azure ™.


disruptiveOps is a proud supporter of charities that make a difference