Your Blockchain Sherpas’ Zero-Infrastructure Solutions

Your Blockchain Sherpas’ Zero-Infrastructure Solutions

Environmentally, Your Blockchain Sherpas is the champion of zero-infrastructure solutions. It’s simply the right way to do business, especially given our Silver Partnership with Microsoft, the leader in cloud solutions. We recognize the fundamentals of cloud computing as well as networking capabilities. We fully utilize the cloud and focus on its capabilities to manage and monitor cloud applications on our cloud management platform using Microsoft Azure ™.

How can Microsoft Azure ™ benefit my business?

If you are exploring the benefits of Microsoft Azure ™ look no further.  Here, at Clearly Agile, we are not only the champion of zero-infrastructure solutions, we live it! Other than our mobile devices and desktops, we fully utilize the cloud—from productivity software like Office 365, to development; we fully employ DevOps in Microsoft Azure ™. Your Blockchain Sherpas uses Microsoft Azure ™ as it increases our:

  1. Speed – Speed of deployment, speed of operation, and speed of scalability. (No, wonder we quickly get things done around here.)
  2. Agility – Our teams can do more, faster to enable us to expand quickly. (They don’t call us Agile for nothing.)
  3. Security – Accounts are LESS likely to be hacked. (That’s why we use it!)

Your Blockchain Sherpas utilizes the cloud in order to provide an effective and competent work environment for both its employees and clients. Your Blockchain Sherpas utilizes a zero-infrastructure solution to ensure speed of deployment, agility, and security in each business transaction!


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*****Clearly Agile, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm focused on providing disruptive tools to organizations responsible for large and complex software solutions. Our Agile-Lean tools are centered around the single theme to provide quantifiable data to enable organizational leadership to attain insight for immediate impact. Our finite focus differentiates us from other Agile-Lean tools on the market. For more information, please visit us at, and follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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